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Double Layer Medical Trolley RCS-NH21

Double Layer Medical Trolley RCS-NH21

  • Applications:medical room,operating room and other special environment places.
  • Material:stainless steel 304
  • Product introduction: Double Layer Medical Trolley designed to meet the diverse,Can use household, medical, laboratory, office, hotel, restaurant, beauty hair etc.Double La......
  • Input Size:
 Double Layer Medical Trolley
Double Layer Multifunctional Medical Trolley
Medical stainless steel treatment cart
Medical multifunctional treatment cart
medical carts on wheels
medical treatment carts

Double Layer Medical Trolley RCS-NH21:

1.Double multifunction trolley designed to meet the diverse,Can use household, medical, laboratory, office, hotel, restaurant, beauty hair etc.The small carts of portable, mobile flexible noiseless and give you comfort of quiet enjoyment.

2.Trolleys in three layer design , namely edge style waterproof laminates, flat laminates , rectangular sink edge laminates,short brushed laminate surface , highly clean, strong corrosion preventive capacity.1.2 mm thick layer board, maximum bearing the weight of 90 kg.Can meet your different requirements.
3.Double Layer Multifunctional Medical Trolley material selection corrosion resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance of 304 stainless steel material,compared to the commonly used stainless steel 201 material on the market , we can better meet the trolley special places.
4.Handle with a diameter of 25mm, wall thickness of 1.5mm cylindrical handle , compression resistance, impact resistance, and can effectively secure the vehicle structure.304 stainless steel solid round steel fence designed to prevent small items from slipping.
5.Medical stainless steel treatment cart Vehicle design uses removable guardrail and columns fixed with screws on the shelves, easy removal , make your own DIY trolley bar.

 Double Layer Medical Trolle

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