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Stainless steel diner cart

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Stainless steel  diner carts are widely used on place daily goods and meeting visitors, it is beautiful, elegant and space saving, can bring lots of convenience to people’s life.
1, made by high-quality 304 stainless steel, with good high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, load-bearing performance and long service life.
2, Frame solid plate welded structure, double layer board, around both of the two layer have cylindrical-type crosswise fence, which can effectively prevent goods from falling.
3, Unilateral crosswise hand grip, compact and lightweight, less space.
4, Household stainless steel diner cart polished smooth, clean and bright, not easy to attach oil dirt, convenient for daily cleaning.
5 Polyurethane wheels, galvanized wheel stand, two fixed wheel, two universal wheel with brake, turning portably and agilely. 
Stainless steel diner cart
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