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Noiseless platform cart

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ZTC Noiseless platform cart has both the function of the flat car and the unique mute design which provide you a quiet and comfortable environment, is the ideal choice for work and life.
Polypropylene PP layer board, load performance is good, weight of lightweight, brisk walking. Noiseless Plastic platform trolley Slabbed construction belongs to flat transport equipment which can suits under the condition of jot, small range of temporary short-distance transport. Layer board all-around non-slip surface texture, increases the size of the goods with friction, not easy to slide. Chrome plated tubular handles high-grade beautiful and strong durability; Armrest in the middle of the small baffle can support center of gravity of the item and transport process is more securely. Silent no imprint castor is not harmful to any ground (conductive floor, Wooden floor, ceramic tile, carpet, marble floor ),  and it is suitable for all occasions. Lightweigh Noiseless Plastic platform trolley Castor material can be chosen at will, it is suitable for all vehicle. At the bottom of the strengthening rod, is extreme shock, resistance to bending. At the bottom of the four corners increase anti-collision block, make full use of the plate at the bottom of the usable floor area, increase the robustness.
Noiseless platform cart