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Hospital Hand Trolley RCA-H0Z40

Hospital Hand Trolley RCA-H0Z40

  • Applications:hospital,Health examination organization,Epidemic prevention station
  • Material:Cold rolled steel
  • Product introduction: The Hospital Hand Trolley use high quality steel material, good bearing performance, corrosion resistance is strong.Hospital Hand Trolley using solid ......
  • Input Size:

Hospital Hand Trolley with drawer 

 Hospital Hand Trolley RCA-H0Z40 introduction:

1, The cart use high quality steel material, good bearing performance, corrosion resistance is strong, especially suitable for hospital nursing room, operating room, etc.

2, Medical trolley double barrier structures, guardrail adopts steel column design can effectively prevent sliding phenomenon of small items in transit.

3, Hospital Hand Trolley with drawer using solid plate welding process, detail place grinding smooth, no burr, effectively avoid the scratched phenomenon in the process of push and pull.

4, Steel double medical treatment car below the first layer board with push-pull type drawer, can be used to place the needle, bottled reagents and fragile, easy polluted medical supplies, the overall design is simple and easy.

Hospital Treatment Hand Truck RCA-H0Z40 armrest analysis:

1, Height design: the handle design accord with human body engineering, provides the best hand position and push height, improve the control and safety of workers, and can reduce labor intensity.

2, Craft design: medical double layer trolley uses (SPCC) seamless steel tube, international advanced powder coating process of environmental protection (the armrest of chrome plated toxic does not meet the health standards).

3, Dynamic design, between armrest and cart without clearance, do not lose varnish, no rust, high-grade beautiful, strong durability.

Hospital Hand Trolley with drawer 

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