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Cargo receipt

All our products are carefully check after delivery, please make sure that when buyers take delivery before the sign for it and the presence of express delivery personnel unpacking inspection, in order to protect your rights, please carefully check before you sign for it, such as directly without checking receipt, freight company is refuse compensation, will bring you unnecessary loss. Pay attention to the following points:
1, check the inspection, please check whether the quantity of products, if there is any discrepancy, please do not open the packing, reject the goods and contact us in time.
2, if the quantity of products is correct, please open the packing inspection, whether the goods are damaged, serious scratches and knock against traces and sag. Clear away the phenomenon such as paint, if you have this situation please do not sign for it, will express single let delivery person returned along with the product, and contact customer service to confirm.

About the return

1, according to the conventional standard or buyers to put forward the special requirements of acceptance in advance of the goods after arrival obvious quality problem (non-artificial, no use), please directly refused to return, confirmed we receive unconditional return, and is responsible for the logistics costs.
2, if once signed and accepted directly without the inspection found that the logistics transportation products damage, need to return, buyers need to bear the loss packing costs and logistics costs back and forth.
3, if after receipt of the goods due to personal issues that need to be change, standard products within 5 working days can exchange other standard products, produced by the packaging loss cost and return logistics cost borne by the buyers.
4, if after receipt of the goods under the premise of without any quality problem, due to personal problems to return, the buyer shall pay the packaging cost, return logistics cost and 20% products depreciation return fee.
5, custom products does not accept any return.

ZTC Carts customized services

If you have any special required size, material, layer numbers, and load-bearing properties for the trolleys, please kindly send the relevant parameters or drawings to us, we will provide professional customized service of the trolleys

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