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Three Layers Double-Sided book cart RCA-3D-LIB15

Three Layers Double-Sided book cart RCA-3D-LIB15

  • Applications:Library,archives,office,conference room,etc.
  • Material:Cold rolled steel
  • Product introduction: Three Layers Double-Sided book cart can double place books, information and archives, etc,beautiful and practical,Library mute double-sided book cart ......
  • Input Size:
 Three Layers Double-Sided book cart
Library mute double-sided book cart
Library Three Layers Double-Sided mute book cart
Three Layers Double-Sided book cart

Three Layers Double-Sided book cart RCA-3D-LIB15: 

1.Double book car for W type bucket design,can double place books, information and archives, etc,beautiful and practical, improve the work efficiency,car hopper through strengthening processing, bearing ability.
2.Book car adopts high quality cold-rolled steel sheet material,after cutting board, folding, bending, welding processing and forming, strong and durable, good bearing performance,to guarantee the use of 5-10 years Life.
3.The vehicle surface after pickling, phosphating, adopt green environmental protection powder electrostatic coating,antirust performance is great,bright and smooth,according to customer needs and spraying all sorts of color Perfect collocation, make its and the use environment.
4.Library mute double-sided book cart with high fusion welding welding parts,surface level off is smooth,do not produce harm to human body and the surrounding environment, non-toxic, no side effect, no peculiar smell when using.
5.The library book car armrest is made of high quality tube,arc design, push and pull carts comfortable, reasonable design, make push-pull book car more convenient,can be widely used in libraries, archives , office, bookstore press shop,
exhibition hall, family,study, etc.
6.Library three layers trolley sides adopt unique square hole design,artistic sense is stronger, more beautiful appearance generous.
7.Library Three Layers Double-Sided mute book cart casters to the bottom of the main natural rubber material,plus other recipes , so that the wheels have good elasticity , abrasion resistance, no drag marks , the overall impact resistance strong.Optional ultra-quiet casters, sliding noise.

 Three Layers Double-Sided book cart

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