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Library Cart RCA-2D-LIB01

Library Cart RCA-2D-LIB01

  • Applications:Library,archives,office,conference room,etc.
  • Material:Cold rolled steel
  • Product introduction: Library Cart given priority to double layer platform cart, mainly used for housing and office facilities for carrying goods.Library Utility Cart produ......
  • Input Size:

Library book cart 

Library Cart RCA-2D-LIB01introduction:

1. The book file products given priority to double layer platform cart, mainly used for housing and office facilities for carrying goods.
2. Library book cart RCA-2D-LIB01 castor is given priority to with natural rubber, plus other formula materials, make the wheels have good flexibility, wear resistance, no drag marks, the overall effect of shock resistance is strong, mute effect is good.
3. The caster wheel bearing adopts special ball bearing 6201 and 6303, precision bearing clearance standard, make the castor more lubrication, and the rolling resistance is small, mute, etc.
4. Double shelves library utility book cart RCA-2D-LIB01 product design simple, beautiful and elegant, easy to use. All products are produced according to the using environment, such as the large load capacity, frequent use condition, adopt bearing performance is good, strong wear resistance of polyurethane casters and nylon casters.Maximum bearing weight less than 180 kg.
5. Bilateral straight handle connected to the body, strong durability.

Welded Steel Book Truck 

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