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Stainless steel workbench RCS-TABLE-03

Stainless steel workbench RCS-TABLE-03

  • Applications:laboratory, clean room,hospital,factory workshop and other special environment workplace.
  • Material:stainless steel
  • Product introduction: Stainless steel workbench mainly used in laboratory, clean room, hotel, kitchen, etc, simple and easy, convenient and practical.Stainless steel workbe......
  • Input Size:
    Type A: L1800*W800*H800mm Type B: L1100*W750*H800mm Type C: L900*W550*H750MM

 Stainless steel workbench

    Stainless steel workbench RCS-TABLE-03 introduction:

1, Laboratory multi-function cart RCS-TABLE-03 mainly used in laboratory, clean room, hotel, kitchen, etc, simple and easy, convenient and practical.
2, Stainless steel laboratory workbench panel thickness 1.2-1.5mm, basically can withstand the heavy weight of experimental instruments and equipment.
3, Stainless steel workbench uses high quality stainless steel SUS304 , polishing treatment layer board surface, bright and smooth, has the characteristics of the rust and corrosion resistance and easy cleaning.
4, Chemistry stainless steel laboratory workbench castor can be selected according to actual needs, laboratory multi-function cart operation castor wheel frame is divided into screw galvanized wheel frame and base plate galvanized wheel frame, polyurethane wheel, silent when driving, give you a quiet and comfortable working environment.


Chemistry stainless steel laboratory workbench 

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