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Clean laboratory trolley RCS-026

Clean laboratory trolley RCS-026

  • Applications:biological chemical lab,hospitaland other special environment places.
  • Material:stainless steel
  • Product introduction: Clean laboratory trolley layer board using HL filament board, high quality, clean and tidy, easy cleaning.At the top of the Clean laboratory trolley e......
  • Input Size:

Clean laboratory trolley 

    Clean laboratory trolley RCS-026 introduction:

1.Laboratory double layer trolley RCS-026 is made of stainless steel 304, even stainless steel 316 , good anticorrosion, frame plate welding, homogeneous solid;
2.Clean Laboratory double layer trolley layer board using HL filament board, high quality, clean and tidy, easy cleaning, strengthen bottom part is square tube welding to make the bottom frame; PU wheels, possesses the advantages of shock and wear resistance, lower part of the base installation of four wheels, mobile convenience, quick adjustment, easy to control, can quickly arrive at the scene to use. In addition, both above and below of the trolley equipped with place desk, can be placed test items.
3.At the top of the laboratory mobile carts equipped with drawer, can be placed test items. Simple structure, easy to use, reduce the workload of staff.
4.Solid stainless steel plate welding cart frame,  reasonable Auto CAD aided design structure, precise position, accord with human body engineering;
1.Bottom plate galvanized wheel frame, anti-corrosion, rust, shock absorption, abrasion resistance, oil resistance.
2.Castor material: PU wheel (polyurethane with casting production, can improve the luster, viscosity, abrasion resistance, heat preservation, etc) plus other formula materials, make the wheels have good flexibility, wear resistance, no drag marks, strong resistance to impact of the whole.
3.Caster bearing: laboratory cart adopt special ball bearing 6201 and 6303, precision bearing clearance standard, make the castor more lubrication, and the rolling resistance is small, mute, etc. 
4.Castor direction: two universal, two universal with brake. 
5.Overweight: bearing the weight of the three times of castor pressure rating, after 3 minutes remove test gravity, castor support the same line, the rotation axis, guide shaft must be no gap, loose phenomenon
6.Contorts test: 304 stainless steel trolley in the case of the rated load, at 4 km uniform continuous contorts the 20km per hour, castor will not deformation, wear and fracture due to fever phenomenon.

Stainless steel clean laboratory carts 

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