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Steel flatbed cart RCA-015

Steel flatbed cart RCA-015

  • Applications:factory,workshop,storage,market,etc
  • Material:Cold rolled steel
  • Product introduction: Steel flatbed cart surface spray powder, long service life, applicable to the electronics factory, warehouse, office building;Steel flatbed cart is ma......
  • Input Size:

 Steel flatbed cart


Steel flatbed cart RCA-015 introduction:

1.RCA-015 Steel flatbed cart  surface spray powder, long service life, applicable to the electronics factory, warehouse, office building, handling logistics industry; Equipped with high quality plastic frame mute casters, smooth surface, shockproof, friction resistance, corrosion resistance, drive flexible, no environment noise pollution.
2. Logistics carrier vehicle is beautiful, wear-resisting, impervious, resistant to corrosion, rust, etc, accord with human body ergonomics, improve production efficiency, improve the working environment. Can customized RCA-015 wire cages type cart according to the customer's samples and drawings , can also according to customer required to provide a similar picture or design drawing for customer reference.Welcome general customers to come to inquiry price.

3.RCA-015 Steel Flatbed Utility Cart is made of high quality steel, good strength, bearing capacity is strong. Is the idea place for storage, transportation, collection materials.
4. With the advantages of anticorrosive, antirust, easy to clean. Absolutely silent, give you a quiet and comfortable working environment, castor uses the Japanese technology, special nylon material, and coordinates with bearing, make the cart drive silent, portable, more push more lighter, greatly reduce the intensity of your work, improve efficiency.

Process description:
    Mobile steel flatbed trolley is made of high quality cold rolled steel plate after the shear, punching, bending, welding, assembly, strong and durable surface coating, stamping resistance, corrosion resistance, neat and beautiful, non-flammable, moisture deformation. reasonable aided structure design, precise position, accord with human body engineering; Surface electrostatic powder coating, environmental non-toxic, no smell, bright and smooth;

    Electronic industry and small parts warehouse, airport, warehouse, archives, offices, shops, office buildings, hotels, libraries, coffee shops, sitting room, restaurant, hotel, kitchen, schools, design institutes, research institutes, hospitals, banks, property management, government agencies, such as import and export trade companies, domestic and foreign large-scale group company.

 Steel Flatbed Utility Cart

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