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Dual shelf projector cart RCS-PR8

Dual shelf projector cart RCS-PR8

  • Applications:multimedia room,conference room,office,machine room,etc.
  • Material:Stainless steel
  • Product introduction: Dual shelf projector cart is a ideal choice of daily work and study for company, school, laboratory, institution.Mobile flat panel tv trolleys are lin......
  • Input Size:

 Dual shelf projector cart


    Dual shelf projector cart RCS-PR8 introduction: 

1. Projector mobile trolley RCS-PR8 easy to use, safe and efficient, flexible steering, strong carrying capacity, is a ideal choice of daily work and study for company, school, laboratory, institution and so on .A variety of specifications to choose, can also be customized based on customer requirements of different sizes

2. Laptop projector cart RCS-PR8 use solid plate frame welding process, carrying capacity is strong, ensuring the security of the multimedia equipment and related supporting tools, storage and moving smoothly, the whole body including upper and lower two layers and two independent drawer. High quality, smooth extended drawer can be pulled out 95% of the length, each drawer load capacity can up to 22 kg.

3. Layer board with antiskid esd rubber mat, completely mute when driving, the whole article type caster wheel mounting plate, bearing performance is good.There are line plate mounting holes in the side of the layer board and threading hole at the bottom.

    Multimedia Projector Cart Material analysis:
    High quality cold-rolled steel plate after the shear, punching, bending, welding and assembled., strong and durable surface coating, stamping resistance, corrosion resistance, neat and beautiful, non-flammable, moisture deformation. Reasonable aided design, precise position, accord with human body engineering; Surface electrostatic powder coating, environmental non-toxic, no smell, bright and smooth;

 Multimedia projector cart

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