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Cargo Hand Cart Trolley RCA-031

Cargo Hand Cart Trolley RCA-031

  • Applications:factory workshop,warehouse,office buildings,transport logistics industry,etc
  • Material:Cold rolled steel
  • Product introduction: Cargo Hand Cart Trolley made of high-quality steel, good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, strong strength of materials.Cargo Hand Cart Trolley b......
  • Input Size:

 Cargo Hand Cart Trolley

    Cargo Hand Cart Trolley  RCA-031 features:

1, Simple design, humanized design, easy assembly, waterproof layer board sinking design, sinking depth of 8mm. All products bearing weight less than 180 kg. 
2, Three Layers Cargo Hand Cart Trolley made of high-quality steel, good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, strong strength of materials. Bearing performance is good, the vehicle's largest bearing 180kg, can satisfy the demands of basic work.
3, According to logistics heavy capacity, frequent use condition, adopt good bearing performance and strong wear resistance polyurethane casters and nylon casters.
4, RCA-031 Workshop cargo utility hand cart can be applied to logistics warehousing industry, electronics factory, food processing industry, medicine, chemical industry, etc.
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Three Layers Cargo Hand Cart Trolley 

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