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Flatbed Hand Truck RCS-0112

Flatbed Hand Truck RCS-0112

  • Applications:industry,workhouse,storage,market,etc
  • Material:Stainless steel
  • Product introduction: Flatbed Hand Truck is mainly used for transporting the case goods and office facilities. Stainless Steel Flatbed Hand Truck Mainly used in the electro......
  • Input Size:
    A:L850*W560*H950mm B:L700*W480*H900mm C:L600*W400*H850mm

 Stainless steel flatbed hand truck


Flatbed Hand Truck‎ RCS-0112 introduction:

1, Material hand truck is mainly used for transporting the case goods and office facilities. Adopt high quality stainless steel SUS304/316 material, rust protection and easy to clean.

2, The caster give priority to with natural rubber casters, plus other formula materials, make the wheels have good flexibility, wear resistance, no drag marks, strong resistance to impact of the whole

3, Real plate welded stainless steel frame trolley, strong load capacity, bearing good. Able to meet the transportation of bulky items.

4, RCS-0112 logistics flatbed hand truck bearing casters adopts special ball bearing 6201 and 6303, the precision bearing clearance standard, make the castor more lubrication, and the rolling resistance is small, mute, etc.

5, Two directional casters, two universal with brake. push and brake more convenient.

Stainless steel flatbed hand truck application:

    Mainly used in the electronics industry and small parts warehouse, airport, can also be used in warehouses, archives, offices, shops, office buildings, hotels, libraries, cafes, living rooms, restaurants, hotels, kitchens, schools, design institutes, research institutes, hospitals, banks, property, government agencies, foreign trade companies, large domestic and foreign group companies and other units

 Flatbed Hand Truck

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