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Antistatic stainless steel handcart RCS-0261

Antistatic stainless steel handcart RCS-0261

  • Applications:Electronics Factory,Equipment production workshop,production line workshop,etc.
  • Material:Stainless steel
  • Product introduction: Anti-static stainless steel trolley can be used in electronic equipment production plant, laboratories, research institutions, good anti-static effect......
  • Input Size:

 Double layer Antistatic trolley


   Antistatic handcart RCS-0261 introduction:

1. Anti-static stainless steel double trolley can be used in electronic equipment production plant, laboratories, research institutions, good anti-static effect. Installed anti-static castor at the bottom can effectively preventing electrostatic and used in clean-room.

2. Anti-static trolley adopt superior stainless steel material, beautiful, wearable, impervious, corrosion resistance,rust, etc. Attractive appearance, reasonable design; The best characteristic is its strong bearing strength and good stability.

3. High quality and advanced mute casters, smooth surface, shockproof, friction resistance, corrosion resistance, easy to move. no meandering walking and abnormal noise

4. Caster uses unique mute effect design, make the trolley no noise when working.

5. Anti-static stainless steel trolley castor contact with the board part adopted patent design, reducing the resistance of the start-up and walking. After installed rated parts, can be pushed and walking with very few artificial thrust.

Material analysis

304 stainless steel is a versatile material, rust resistance is stronger than 201 series stainless steel, resistance to high temperature is also better, 304 stainless steel double layer trolley has excellent corrosion resistance and superior performance of resistance to intergranular corrosion. General trolley is made by ordinary raw material and recycled material, trolley board is dull and easy to break, corrosive, no-slip. Zhaoting brand trolley with high quality trolley board, high costs, shiny, toughness, anti-corrosion and anti-slip design.

Customized features

1. According to the need to customize the single or double sides pushing hand

2. According to the need to allocate the number of braking wheels.

Double layer Antistatic trolley Special characteristics

1. According to customer’s preference for various color on the surface to process electrostatic spraying and painting, color variety, more beautiful and durable

2. According to customer’s need to customize various size specification.

  Antistatic stainless steel trolley

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