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  • Platform trolley as a mobile tool, give our lives brought great convenience to become more simple.Platform metal trolley using high-quality cold-rolled steel, with anti- rust.
  • Metal book trolley with double structure , V car body design,Two shelf metal book trolley welding firm , smooth burr grinding welding points on the human body.
  • Library book cart is design and produce by using to transport a book with features of small volume,library bookshelf cart can be customized according to the customer need to in a variety of sizes;
  • Medical multimedia carts are mainly used for transferring medical instruments,Industrial medical multimedia carts design is by using three layer’s real plate structure.
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ShangHai ZTC Hardware Machinery Co., Ltd is the first provider company which manufacture and provide comprehensive metal hand trucks. They first introduced the concept “micro-logistics”, it dedicated to the development and research of small turnover and logistics transport equipment, by adopting new ideas and developing new products they can pursue the progress of industry. With the rich experience and the professional design, the company can provide trolleys efficient and convenient, excellent performance meet various occasions to use to customers so that customers can increase of efficiency and enjoy easy and convenient work and life.

The company's products contains ABS mute trolleys , the medical use hand trucks, the lab hand trucks, the library book carts, the home hand trucks, the warehouse and logistics hand trucks, the record room trolleys, the multi-media hand trucks, the antistatic trolleys, the trolleys for factory workshop and other a series of products, this can provide competitive a full set of materials in handling solutions for customers competitively. We have professional technical service team to provide pre-sales technical supports and perfect all-day after-sale service for customers, let you no worries and enjoy one-stop service. 

Easy Job, Easy life! Easily work and convenient life is the goal of our enterprise and our motivation to work, we supplied all kinds of design schemes to reduce the inconvenience produced by Micro distance in the job and life of the customers in a maximization. Our products bearing from 50Kg to 1.5 tons or more To meet the demands of customer for various occasions and provide a one-stop solution for the customers. Our continuous innovation on the technical, steady improvement in the product quality and great service system can help customers to save costs, improve efficiency and create long-term value for customers. 

We keep the steady operation and put the quality of the products at the first place. Focus on concept from customer can help to provide long-term safe and reliable products so that make the customer's logistics handling easier, and create long-term value for customers.

And we never keep on standing still, we accept the challenges put forward by customers, we keep stick in openness and cooperation. We start from the needs of customers, provide a full set of logistics handling solutions for customers, we do around the needs of customers and continuous innovation of technology, products, solutions and services.



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Besides, the product material quality in stocks is complete, the reserve is big, and delivery can be immediate.Our service is the "one-stop" work style. We have our own processing factory and the pre- treatment factory, pre-treatment for shipbuilding steel (ball blasting , derusting,painting).Surface pretreatment line technical parameters on steelplates and profile steel. And we can also make the customers enjoy our other pre-treatment services,like cutting,welding,drilling holes,galvanizing by the lowest cost

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