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Folding Platform trucks with one handle in Japan

  • Customer:MonotaRO Co., Ltd
  • Applications:industry,workhouse,storage,market,etc
  • Material:Stainless steel
  • Order quantity:40
  • Product introduction: The Folding Platform truck is single flat cart, using the high quality stainless steel produced by 201/304, mechanical performance is strong, is mainly used for housing and office facilities for carrying goods.The Platform truck with folding hand and save space effectively.......
  • Input Size:

Japan monotaro Co., Ltd., by Japan's sumitomo and U.S. Grainger and joint venture was established in October 2000 SC, Grainger Co., ltd. and set up websites, kinki in Japan and the east China sea region soft opening for 40 companies; In 2001 the company sold to Japan's national wealth opened indirect consumption. Company mainly through the network and directory provides various tools and consumables used in the industrial field, such as indirect material. In Japan, the country, the company's service scope is not restricted to the manufacturing industry, and expand to the auto assembly industry, building materials industry, and other different fields. Through the way of online sales, not only can reduce the operating cost and at the same time can greatly increase the operation efficiency. Breaking the previous and only big companies can buy at a preferential rate of pattern, all customers can enjoy fair "low cost and high quality service.
Company to meet customer needs, the network of more than 1 million products. High performance search system, can let customers from the swollen products, quickly find the required product. And from time to time for data analysis, master good customer demand, to provide the required services effectively.
On the price and quality, enrich the brand products and imported products, successfully reduce cost, achieve the most in need of time "without waste of time and cost of waste, no leakage" to provide customers with the most need products "3 without" principle, in the industry to create new industry standards.